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The Book of St. Cyprian

bonesThe story you’re about to hear is part of the Bones anthology called The Tale of St. Cyprian, copyright 2014 by Jamie Fessenden, published by Dreamspinner Press. What will happen to two boys (and a dog) who don’t take appropriate precautions before they interfere with spirits best left alone?

Well… grab your fireside treat and sit back to enjoy… The Book of St. Cyprian


The Boys on the Mountain

Our first tale has begun!!

The Boys on the Mountain
© 2015 John Inman
Published by Dreamspinner Press

From the cover:

Jim Brandon has a new house, and boy, is it a pip. Built high on the side of the San Diego mountains by a legendary B-movie actor of the 1930s, Nigel Letters, the house is not only gorgeous, but supposedly haunted. As a writer of horror novels, Jim couldn’t be happier.

But after a string of ghostly events sets Jim’s teeth on edge and scares the bejesus out of his dog, Jim begins to dig into the house’s history. What he finds is enough to creep out anybody. Even Jim. It seems long dead Nigel Letters had a few nasty habits back in his day. And unhappily for Jim, the old bastard still has some tricks up his sleeve.

As Jim welcomes his ex, Michael, and a bevy of old friends for a two-week visit to help christen the new house, he soon realizes his old friends aren’t the only visitors who have come to call.


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