Submission Guidelines

Do you have a suggestion for a story that would make a thrilling Campfire Podcast read?  Check to make sure it fits these guidelines. If it does – let us know!

The story needs to be a page turner. Thriller, horror, action, pulp-fun, steampunk, etc. are all viable genres. We’ll be looking for stories that either keep the emotional energy up and/or know how to make emotion roller-coaster in an artful way that makes us want to hear more.

Because we believe in true equality – gender, attraction, identity, race, religion, capability, and status of any kind are not part of the consideration. A good author may use these classifications in their art, but we are looking to share great stories first and foremost.

The owner of the intellectual property will need to grant us license to not only air the narrated story in chapter-a-day increments, but to retain the narration in our back-list of episodes.

If you’re worried about piracy, keep these two factors in mind:

  1. Each chapter will be sandwiched by music, show openers, and credits. In each episode we have an obligation to let the listener know what they are listening to and who wrote it.
  2. Podcast narration is NOT audiobook quality. For example, the podcast episodes will NOT pass quality standards tests at Audible/ACX or any of the other reputable vendors.

Having said that, Vance and the content owner may reach an independent agreement for the high-quality audio, thereby allowing the author or publisher to sell Vance’s narration through the audiobook vendors and make use of Campfire Podcast’s tie-in marketing to support sales.

A half-hour episode represents 4,500 words. We recognize that very few chapters will be exactly that length, but we will look for natural breaks that allow us to stick to the half-hour format. To qualify as a Campfire Podcast story, the tale will need to last at least a week and run no longer than 5 weeks.

  • Minimum: 1 week = 5 episodes (22,500 words)
  • Maximum: 5 weeks = 20 episodes (112,500 words )*

* Longer series may be considered with breaks between installments.

We’re really pretty sorry that this page had to get so technical, but hopefully it was useful in helping you decide that you can submit a story!